Baccarat Banque: Rules, gameplay and layout Baccarat Banque: Rules, gameplay and layout

Baccarat Banque: Rules, gameplay and layout

This game was popularised in casinos of France and Europe. It’s a role-based game and may appear a lot more complex than its counterparts. Also called Baccarat à Deux Tableaux or Baccarat on Two Tables, in this game the casino always holds the bank. Now, to understand further let’s look at Baccarat rules. 

Baccarat Banque: Rules, gameplay and layout

Baccarat rules 

It ought to be understood that there are many versions and variants of this game. To get a more detailed understanding of those, we will be looking at the Baccarat rules, gameplay and layout of the game. 

The Banque version is widespread in France and various European countries. In some places like Monaco, two tables were joined to seat ten to sixteen people. With the dealer in the middle, and with a right and left, more people can join the round. If the bank bet is uncovered by the players, then a bystander can place a bet here. Unlike the six or eight used traditionally, a Baccarat Banque makes use of three decks of cards. 

In à Deux Tableaux, the banker usually plays against both players hands at the same time. But in a Baccarat Banque, the hands dealt are for the banker and the player individually. 

Baccarat Banque: Rules, gameplay and layout

How to play Baccarat Banque 

With sound awareness of the game, let’s now delve into the gameplay of the Baccarat Banque –

  • A player with the highest stake is chosen to be the banker and wins a position opposite to the dealer.
  • Cards are shuffled before each round.
  • The players shuffle their respective cards as well.
  • The last person to shuffle is the banker. Unlike other variants, with Banque, the casino always holds the bank.
  • A player is chosen to cut the cards with the cut card. The banker makes this choice.
  • One card is handed to the right, one to the left and one to the banker by the croupier.
  • Other players place their wages on designated boxes and can choose a player or banker accordingly. The banker can bet only on banker cards whereas other players can bet on players’ cards. A bet placed on the centre table is made if players wish to place on both hands.
  • From the player hand right table, player hand left the table to the banker another card is dealt.
  • A nine or eight means the card is a natural in which case it will be turned fav up and compared with nine winning over eight.
  • An additional card can be drawn by the player or banker if neither hand has an eight or nine.
  • Two-player hands decide to hit or stand followed by the banker who makes a choice based on the cards played.
  • The players may win or lose with the banker by never interacting or competing against one another. The banker’s cards are compared to the individual players’ cards.
  • If the banker has the winning hand, he or she is the banker till they lose. Then, the next winner becomes the banker.


The layout of Baccarat may be based on several factors – the type, the purpose, the range, location etc. The Baccarat Banque layout can be characterised into the big table, mini table and online Baccarat

Big table layout

This layout is most popular seen in land-based casinos. As the name big could also suggest, they’re intended for heavy budget rollers or high rollers and could literally be given a big table that’s located in an area that’s more isolated and secluded from the main casino area. 

This full-size table is oval and has yellow numbers from one to fifteen on each side. The number 13 is intentionally skipped. This is due to different beliefs of 13 being unlucky. The middle cut intended for the dealer, known as callers place. Three dealers usually run the game. 

Mini-Baccarat layout 

Due to the reasonable table limits and simplified Baccarat rules, this form of baccarat has gathered attention and garnered popularity. This type is not restricted to the high rollers but also for the mass players.

These games do not pose a huge risk as compared to the big table. This is why it’s more desirable than the main table. 

Online Baccarat 

Online Baccarat has a number of advantages like it’s similar to the mini Baccarat. There are three sections, namely the tie, banker and player. In the live dealer Baccarat, you can even interact with other players. Online, the dealer is virtual and you’re the only person at the table. 

Now that you are aware of the intricacies of this amazing game, including Baccarat rules, you are going to enjoy it even more. Good luck!

Baccarat Banque: Rules, gameplay and layout
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