Ten Amazing Facts Of Playing Cards That You Are Never Heard Of! Ten Amazing Facts Of Playing Cards That You Are Never Heard Of!

Ten Amazing Facts Of Playing Cards That You Are Never Heard Of!

Ten Amazing Facts Of Playing Cards That You Are Never Heard Of!

Whether you are a pro or amateur, you have always played with a deck of cards. But do you know anything about the origins of the playing cards? What’s their history, foundation, stories of success etc? If not and you are curious to more, then look no further than this guide.

1. Decoding why there are 52 cards in a deck

Did you ever ask yourself why the deck has 52 cards? Well, we cannot pinpoint to one specific reason behind this. But there have been some interesting theories as to why it has always been 52 cards all the way. Previously, the cards consisted of various numbers such as 24, 36, 40 and 48. But later 52 became the number that dominated the card games throughout the world. It is also said that French and British colonialism played a huge part as they popularised the deck of 52 cards across the world.

2. Cards are a symbolism of calendar

Another theory that you may find fascinating is that 52 decks of cards are equivalent to the weeks in a year. The two colours red and black symbolises the day and night and the four suits symbolise four seasons. The thirteen cards represent the lunar cycles and the twelve court cards represent the months in a year. Plus, interestingly, if you sum up the symbols in the card, they round up to 365.

3. The first card decks were invented in an East-Asian country

Have you ever thought where the first deck of cards originated from? Well it was invented in China probably during the 9th century. The playing cards were also introduced in China during that period. At that time consisted of 32 cards that were imprinted either on paper, wood or bone. Playing cards became popular across South Asian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries. When it arrived in Europe, it got divided into different variations.

4. Vegas Casinos change decks quite often and for a good reason

The lifespan of a deck of cards in Las Vegas casinos is just 12 hours. Yes, you have heard it right. When their time is up, they are thrown away or sold. The cards are played based on the activity during the casino table or whether the shuffling has been done by hand or machine. The reason why cards are replaced so easily is because of marks like bends or scuffs giving an upper edge to the players.

5. The world’s oldest deck of cards is in a museum

The world’s oldest deck of cards are placed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The cards originated in the 15th century Netherlands and are still in uptight condition. Initially, the deck was sold to a dealer at $2800 in the 1970s before he sold to the Met at $150,000. The rest of the two 15th century cards are located at Yale University. But the rarest of the rare playing cards can be traced to the Topkapu Museum in Istanbul.

Playing Cards

6. Casino cards require a strong security protocol

Any veterans in the gambling industry know that any fold or mark in the deck of playing cards can give an advantage to the players. This is why the casinos have to introduce tough security standards. They incorporate large symbols and characters so that any dubious activities can be caught on security cameras. The new decks have to be approved by bosses and dealers before reshuffling. And when it’s time for them to be thrown away, they are shredded completely so that they cannot make their way to the casino.

7. You know some of the card characters

Playing with the regular deck of 52 cards will help you recognise some of the faces. That’s because they have been inspired by some of the famous legendary historical figures such as Julius Caesar is the King of Diamonds, Alexander the Great is the King of Clubs, Athena is the Queen of Spades, etc.

8. Cards had other uses as well

The cards were not just used for playing games. During World War 2, America used the deck of cards and sent it to the American Prisoners of War. They would remove a part of the card to discover map routes to help them escape the prison.

9. The most famous cards are from the US

The famous brand of playing card decks was called the US Brand Bicycle. They were used during World War 2 to free American prisoners of War. During the Vietnam war also, American soldiers made use of the Ace of Spade Cards to instil a sense of fear among the superstitious Vietnamese Congress Members. Today, you will find their use at casinos or magic shows.

10. One card manufacturer dominates the card industry

The United States Playing Card Company enjoys a strong presence in the cards manufacturing industry. They happen to be the biggest suppliers of cards to some of the famous casinos across the world. Brands that belong to this company are Bee, Tally Ho, Aviator, etc

Ten Amazing Facts Of Playing Cards That You Are Never Heard Of!
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