AI Trends for the iGaming Industry in 2019 AI Trends for the iGaming Industry in 2019

AI Trends for the iGaming Industry in 2019

iGaming, in simple terms, stands for online gaming or online gambling. In these games, players place bets in a variety of ways online. The most hit venues in the iGaming industry are online casinos and sports betting websites.

AI Trends for the iGaming Industry in 2019

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by the machines. Although the machines are pre-programmed, the ability to take the action spontaneously based on the assessment of the situation and needs makes that machine an AI.

In 2017, a leading magazine had predicted the emergence of the AI into the field of iGaming industry as quickly as in 2018. While AI seems the thing of the future, the future seems to have arrived now! The prediction did not do much in 2018, but 2019 may hold some interesting AI trends for the casino industry.  Read on to know all about these.

iGaming with Smart Assistants

You might have already come across Amazon ECHO, Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Google Assistant and some others that constitute for the smart assistants. There is some percentage of the population that are even using these. These smart assistants are one application of the AI and people are already being dependent and trusting these machines so much so that their online and offline worlds have intertwined to a greater extent.  

The AI and its applications are really tough concepts and their growth is happening at the snail’s pace. Despite this, the consumption of AI through smart assistants along with the rapid flourish of iGaming industries, it can be safely said that the future will surely bring the combination of both these.

iGaming with Bots

Bots are the independent programs on the network/internet which are capable of interacting with the users or gamers or systems in a way to provide them assistance like online searches, replying to messages, and other such tasks. In some of the games in the online gaming world, these bots also act like the players to play against the human players.

The leading iGaming industry players admit to the fact that the bots are around for a while now. They also agree that since many online gaming providers are incorporating the social media aspect into the games like a chat room and such, the presence of the bots might have increased even more. With lots of innovations in the social media field, bots and iGaming industry, players can expect even more usage of bots in online games.

A Great Deal of Real-Time Data Processing Through AIs

AI comes with impeccable abilities of the image recognition and fast data processing features. With these two awesome features combined, the iGaming industry can expect the event processing to happen in a deep accurate manner. These are especially useful in the live events wherein the data of the live feeds, camera focusing and such can be processed quickly in real-time.

Automated iGaming

Autonomous robotics is generally considered as the branch concerning the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Information Engineering, and Robotics. When the word ‘automation’ is used, it usually refers to the autonomous robot which is capable of performing tasks and generally behaves independently to greater degrees.

These autonomous robots were first launched in the iGaming industry in 2016 and it was an ultimate hit back then. But the field of autonomous robotics hasn’t been able to create more noise after that in the iGaming industry. But there is a hope that it will gain traction post-2019.

Flourishing AI Applications in the iGaming Industry

While the iGaming industry has come a long way, the AI has still a long way to go. With the epic combination of these two aspects, the gamers are going to see some next level gaming performances. Features like bets settling, odds prediction and on-demand market determination can be soon expected from the AI in the near future.

AI Trends for the iGaming Industry in 2019
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Post Name : AI Trends for the iGaming Industry in 2019

Posted On : 19/04/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell